Now it’s getting interesting. While Ash has dived into Cinema4D. I’ve had a play with C4D but decided to take the opportunity to explore a different route. I’m a 3dsMax man, its core to my everyday production pipeline. That said, I’ve never used it quite the same way that Ash uses C4D. I think theres alot of potential so I’m going to pick up VRay RT, expand my knowledge of VRay lighting, materials and rendering, also perhaps learn some Pflow and generally improve my own 3dsmax workflow. I also have access to a bunch of 3rd party plugins that I think are gonna come in handy.


I spent a few evenings experimenting with VRayRT and wrote a few Maxscripts to help speed up workflow, scripts to quickly save renders, sort layers, setup look at constraints, link modifier gizmo to helpers, etc. Anything to cut out the fiddly bits. Also made a little interface to list and run my scripts from.


After I had a good workflow going I began playing with different materials, set up a few Pflow systems and experimented with some of the different photoshop techniques. I  used Magic Bullet’s Looks  in photoshop to add things like diffuse lighting, chromatic aberration, film grain and lens distortion.
Finally I put the techniques into practice and produced a full resolution frame.









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